Om man inte orkar laga middag kan man ju alltid äta



en kaka

....ja, kvällen är ju inte slut än lixom! Vilken hälsoguru jag är.

Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

Hello darling! ♥

I am so sorry that I am replying so late, I was in Prague on consultations and before .. I guess a hour I get home ^^

When you're saying it.. I am not sure too, but I guess no..? I don't know, damn.

Oh, so that wasn't long, I thought that you must have it for longer, and it was just one day, so it was okay :)

Wow, that's quite soon :) When you'll visit a Zoi Tattoo Stockholm next time.. it wouldn't be last time because of that tattoo, or.. yes? scratch I don't know, I haven't got tattoo, and I quite don't understand it when I read some articles ^^'

Quite good, I am just after consultations so I am quite tired :) And I wanted to get some Blowsight flyers about the Shed Evil tour and gave couple of them to the club in which they're playing in Prague, but I was quite in hurry then, and it wasn't at the same Prague, and my dad was angry and everything, so I hope I'll can give them to Modrá Vopice soon..

Anyway.. I started to talk much (sorry ^^'), what about you? :) ♥



2011-10-25 @ 23:03:22
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Postat av: Mia

Åh, vitlöksbröd. Bjuuuuud! :)

2011-10-26 @ 08:42:41
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Postat av: johanna

sv: mååh verkligen synd! vi får festa till en annan gång! :)

2011-10-26 @ 20:47:12
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