Nu åker jag och min inplastade arm hem! Sk...

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Nu åker jag och min inplastade arm hem! Ska försöka få en bättre bild på den sen ikväll, fast det är rätt mycket kvar innan den är helt klar. But STILL! Kan knappt vänta till nästa sittning.... Tjo!

Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

Idaaa! ♥

I am sorry that I am writing so late but I woke up at 11am, and we went to Prague, and I just came back home ._.

I really would like to wish you happy birthday! Much luck, health, success, love and much more ♥ I hope you'll be still happy in the future, and you'll stay together with N. for long time. I wish it to you ♥ :)

How did you enjoy the time in Stockholm, his birthday, and your birthday? ♥



2011-10-18 @ 20:51:19
Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

Oh.. I just saw that I forgot..

Hi Ida! ♥

You're welcome! I really wanted to wish happy birthday to you earlier but I simply couldn't. I visited one school in Prague 4, and then I had consultations. 3,5 hours of standing before the rack, and drawing still life. But it was worth it :)

Oh, so you had a long day how it looks too. I saw the photo of you with the 'tattoo' on your arm and was surprised. That was really awesome birthday present! :) I think that one day when your tattoo would be finished you'll say "It was worth the pain" ;) :)

I'll looking forward the photos and the finished tattoo. On the little photo before starting it looks really good :)

Next month would be there really soon I guess haha :3

I think that this birthday are one of your best :)♥

I hope that tomorrow everything would be okay in work, and you wouldn't be in a bad mood ^^

You're very welcome dear! ♥ I did my best I guess :)

And.. I am sorry that I haven't got the present for you, I thought that I could give you something 'real' but I simply don't have anything how I could.. I get an idea, but I don't know, it's not the best idea..

Hugs&Kisses ♥

2011-10-18 @ 22:07:59
Postat av: Carro

åh så jävla kul med tatuering :) vart tatuerar du dig? måste hitta en bra studio i sthlm, tänkte om du kunde rekommendera? :P

2011-10-18 @ 23:02:23

Kom ihåg mig?

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