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Ja, men HÄR såklart!
Du & jag.

Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

I can't believe I haven't seen your comment earlier xD

Yes, 'there' you are :D Hope you don't mind that I have you in favorite pages scratch

2011-10-09 @ 21:29:23
URL: http://witchtaranee.blog.cz
Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

Yup, but still.. I'll need to checking my blog more :) You can't imagine how much scared I was when I read "Of course I mind,..", I thought you're gonna write in BAD way :D

Always ♥ When I was doing the article with my favorite pages, I quite needed to have you in the 'list' :)

2011-10-09 @ 21:40:13
URL: http://witchtaranee.blog.cz
Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

The good thing on it is.. That now I know it, so I don't need to be scared ;) Haha I know ♥ Just.. I don't know why I've been so scared.. Okay maybe I know a little bit, but I just don't know how to describe it to myself.

Anyway.. Hur mår du? :)

2011-10-09 @ 22:10:22
URL: http://witchtaranee.blog.cz
Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

Jag också, bara jag ska snart till skolan -.- :D

Oh, I understand.. It must be hard for you, that you'll probably must sell some of your clothes, and when you love all your clothes, it's really hard :/

Btw.. Sorry that I haven't replied yesterday I left at 23:20, and went to bed ^^' So I am replying now, when I am soon leaving to school.. God I don't want to go to school :D

I hope you slept well dear ♥

2011-10-10 @ 08:39:45
URL: http://witchtaranee.blog.cz
Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

I had great day in school, the time was faster too, and I again saw after two days my friends :3

Mmm coffehouse, now I hate that I haven't got at home latte macchiato. Working in coffehouse must be great, and the same with the clothing store. Just how you said.. you are really tired :/ I am tired always after just 6 hours in school. Just one Tuesday I have got 8 hours, at Friday when I come back home I am always so dead ._.

I hope you'll get more time for sleeping soon ♥ :)

Wow! o Spring is quite far but when you need to train, and.. everything around it, it's the great time to start probably :) I hope you'll have fun on the rehearse :) And also.. I hope you'll have fun in Stockholm, with N. :) I don't know how the hell I could forgot that your birthday are coming up!


Damn. I remember when I planned what I am gonna do for your birthday as a little 'internet' (unfortunately) present and now I forgot about everything. Anyway, I'll try to do some online present to you too ;) :) I hope you're not gonna mind.

I am not sure at all. Small shopping probably tomorrow, learning probably too, drawing.. And the stuff I am trying to do at least once in a week. Blogging and stuff.. I quite don't have something in plan, so I really don't know what I am gonna do this week blushes

Oops, sorry for the long message ._.

Hugs ♥

2011-10-10 @ 15:42:45
URL: http://witchtaranee.blog.cz
Postat av: Miko.TaMpEr

I would like to do something for you :) And at this moment I have got small picture what I would like to do so, I'll try to realize it :) It maybe could also 'works' as present for you and for N. too.. Hmm.. We'll see :D I have got it in my mobile, N's birthday, and yours too, but I simply.. forgot it, and I don't know why.

I am glad to 'hear' that :D

I know that you probably already had your lunch/dinner/combo but.. Good taste haha

That's quite good message for me. I never want to write anything really long, but sometimes I just stop writing and I couldn't stop it, and it ends like long message.. I understand :)

I hope you'll enjoy the time in the coffeshop :)

Hugs & Kisses ♥

2011-10-10 @ 17:19:50
URL: http://witchtaranee.blog.cz
Postat av: Carro

så fint skrivet, måste dock kommentera i den bloggen lite oftare känner jag :P

Stitch är ganska reserverad... han är lite tillbakadragen.. men han har inte försökt göra illa Love eller hoppa upp på honom eller så så de känns iaf bra...

2011-10-10 @ 17:25:58
URL: http://blomqvistcarro.blogg.se/
Postat av: S.

Jo, jag tackade nej, iallafall idag. Men imorgon ska jag egentligen jobba, fast bara 3,5h.. Dock vet jag inte om jag är i skick för det än..

Ang N: vad mysigt! ett år har gått så himla fort tycker jag.. helt sjukt! :P

2011-10-11 @ 09:35:58
URL: http://tuulia.blogg.se/

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